2018 Tournament Information

The Annual Key West Picklball Tounament for 2017 Was a Huge Success!
On January 12,13, and 14, 2018, more than 50 players from all over the country journeyed to the scenic Key West pickleball facility at Higgs Beach to take part on the Annual Key West Pickleball Tournament.  The matches were hard fought and enjoyed by all, the weather was Key West perfect, the spectators were highly appreciative, and the food was excellent. Overall summary:  a great event attended by great people, and a good time was had by all!

The medalists for each event were::
Men's Doubles 19+ - 1st Justin Romero-Alex Henderson
  2nd Bo Bruce-Rosti Sobek
  3rd Jesse Blackmer-Joseph Sisto
Men's Doubles 55+ - 1st Paul Woodman-David Cable
  2nd Thomas Sweeney-Mike Schiffer
  3rd Bob Swanson-Pete Sheldon
Men's Doubles 60+ - 1st Paul Woodman-David Cable
  2nd Bob Swanson-Pete Sheldon
  3rd Jeff Simon-Lee Oldak
Men's Doubles 65+ - 1st George Hults-Johnny Scerbo
Women's Doubles 19+ 1st Caroline Bauer-Victoria Mccormick
  2nd Christine Van den Brink-Alexis Novack
  3rd Jodi Betz-Claudia Pacheco
Women's Doubles 55+ 1st Janice Hilliard-Linda Wolf
    Colleen Blakley-Toni Roby
    Mary Cote-Kelly Messier
Women's Doubles 60+ 1st Colleen Blakley-Toni Roby
Mixed Doubles 19+ - 1st Lindsey Vermillion-Kevin Vermillion
  2nd Victoria McCormick-Joseph Sisto
  3rd Petra Sobek/William Sobek
Mixed Doubles 35+ - 1st Linda Wolf-Rosti Sobek
  2nd Jana Kedles-Karel Kedles
  3rd Caroline Bauer-Jesse Blackmer
Mixed Doubles 50+ - 1st Colleen Blakley-Bo Bruce
  2nd Virginia O'Connor-Walter Scott
  3rd Annie Sweeney-Thomas Sweeney
Mixed Doubles 60+ - 1st Toni Roby-Paul Woodman
  2nd Mary Cote-Bob Swanson
  3rd Lorna Cable-David Cable
Men's Singles 13+ - 1st William Sobek
  2nd Rosti Sobek
  3rd Joseph Cisto
Men's Singles 60+ - 1st Paul Woodman
  2nd Bob Swanson
  3rd Pete Sheldon
Women's Singles - 1st Colleen Blakley
  2nd Beth Gunlite
  3rd Margaret McGlynn




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