2017 Tournament

The Annual Key West Picklball Tounament for 2017 Was a Huge Success!
On January 21 amd 22, 2017, 45 players from all over the country journeyed to the scenic Key West pickleball facility at Higgs Beach to take part on the Annual Key West Pickleball Tournament.  The matches were hard fought and enjoyed by all, the weather was Key West perfect, the spectators were highly appreciative, and the food was excellent. Overall summary:  a great event attended by great people, and a good time was had by all!

The medalists for each event were::
Men's Doubles 19+ - 1st William Sobek/Rosti Sobek
  2nd Bundy/Hartz
  3rd Adam Belshe/Bob Swanson
Men's Doubles 60 - 1st Dan Davis/Chris Whitnell
  2nd Anthony  Antioch/Doug Simmons
  3rd Raybon Gilbert/Walt Hooker
Women's Doubles - 1st Lucy Kitcher/Teresa Sullivan
  2nd Colleen Blakley/Beth Gunlite
  3rd Eniko Moseley/Reenie Gilbert
Mixed Doubles 19+ - 1st Colleen Blakley/Rosti Sobek
  2nd Lucy Kitcher/Adam Belshe
  3rd Caroline Bauer/William Sobek
Mixed Doubles 50+ - 1st Reenie Gilbert/Raybon Gilbert
  2nd Diana Inscoe/Walt Hooker
  3rd Kay Mead/Glenn Mead
Men's Singles 13+ - 1st Rosti Sobek
  2nd William Sobek
  3rd Michael Shavnore
Men's Singles 60+ - 1st Chris Whitnell
  2nd Jim Gunlite
  3rd Charlie Hollis
Women's Singles - 1st Colleen Blakley
  2nd Beth Gunlite
  3rd Margaret McGlynn





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