Local Guidelines

We currently have 6 permanent pickleball courts on the western end of the court complex at Higgs Beach, right across the street from the Casa Marina Hotel. There is a parking area right beside the courts which usually has empty spaces. There is alternative parking across Atlantic Ave. at the beach lot next to Salute Restaurant, and on the street beside the Casa Marina Hotel.

We have Key West Pickleball Club sopnsored open play on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday year round.  We provide the balls and there are a few loaner paddles in the white lock box beside the courts.  Please return the loaner paddles to the lock box when you are finished using them.  There is also a bulletin board next to the courts whcih has current information about Club events or other upcoming activities.

We usually arrive for open play at 8:30 AM on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - the format is doubles games to 11, win by 2.  We play as long as people are there to play.  Of course, if you have your own paddles and balls, the courts are open all other times for anyone to play - during daylight hours, since there are no lights.  There is never a charge to play since the facility is operated and maintained by the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Department. There is a donation box out during Club sponsored open play to defray the costs of equipment and other facilities proided by the Club.

In order to promote equal playing time and encourage competitive matches, we use a "next paddle up" system with three sets of boxes located right next to the gate for entering the court.  Each box is labeled with a skill level: Advanced - 3.5 and up; Intermediate - 3.0 to 3.5; and Introductory - 2.0 to 2.5.  Just put your paddle in the appropriate box and you are in line for the next game.  During the busy season (November through April), the courts are fully utlized and we may have a few people waiting to play, but by utilizing this system and all six courts, the wait time is quite tolerable.  During the off season, we employ the same "next paddle up" system to ensure that everone gets into the games.


Feel free join us for the open play sessions - it's a congenial and welcoming group.  If you are traveling to Key West on vacation and have a limited schedule, post something on the Key West Pickleball Facebook page (also linked from the “f”  button at the top of each page of this site) to let people know you’re going to be there!





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