We are pleased to provide the contact information for the members of the Key West Pickleball Club.  Please be respectful of the privacy of our members and use this information only for pickleball or Club related activities.  Thank you.
Robert Albert 305-923-1716
Anthony Antich 305-699-7148
Bob Auger 305-731-8412
Caroline Bauer 305-731-3926
Sonny Beach 734-323-9758  
Tom/Laura Berenger 843-301-5254
Jesse Blackmer 860-460-1909
Loie Blackstone    
David Boyd 305-998-4740
Sue Boyd 305-998-4740
Darrin "Bo" Bruce 786-423-3900
Dave Clark 506-647-5345
Terry Clark    
Jim Condes 219-613-5788
George Dykes 708-275-3706
Bruce Etshman 305-304-2759
Bob Farrow 410-598-7628
Don Feeser 850-232-6749
Daniel  Ford 931-206-9487
Lisa Ford 931-206-9488
Paul Gallagher 305-923-0103
Bob Goble 803-513-2551
Zach Goodfellow 970-531-3022
Dan Gutting 803-760-5990
Sybille Halford 305-797-0686
Janice Hilliard 941-232-9380
Debbi Jackson 305-294-9924
Hugh Johnson 305-923-6174
Emily Katz 305-797-3117
Bill Kitchen 917-927-8685
Dave Krause 305-330-0489
Jean Kut 781-534-3710
Carmen Lilolia 973-477-9704
Margaret McCool    
Victoria McCormick 305-393-2672
Terry Medlar 440-421-6888
Vickie Medlar    
Eniko Moseley 727-366-9459
Céline  Peccatte 305-849-8168
Heidi Potter 305-304-0345
Jim Reilly 319-389-8933
Mary Reilly 319-538-8004
Matthew Ryan 201-341-5226
Patricia  Ryan 201-341-5226
Patrick Ryan 201-341-5226
Barb  Scerbo 570-204-0755  
John Scerbo 570-441-6134
John Schmiemann 561-762-5412
Lauren Sheppard 305-923-2672
Wayne Shepparrd 305-923-2672
Doug Siemon 305-587-2799
Joseph Sisto    
Rosti Sobek 321-525-1730  
William Sobek    
Phil Staller 443-822-7771
Jim Story 704-609-7140
John Strachan 517-896-8173
Anne Swan 305-731-9924
Bob Swanson 305-432-1919
Don Tacke
Charles Taylor 909-721-6709
Carol Therrien 909-721-6709
Ruth Tomlinson 305-731-9458
Sarah Tripp 231-883-1300
Steve Tripp    
Christine Van Den Brink 815-404-6099
David Widing 857-636-9963
Linda Wolf 305-296-7631




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