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Pickleball in Key West

The Key West Pickleball Club was founded to support and increase participation in pickleball in Key West.  We were proud to open our new pickleball facility, consisting of six courts, in November, 2016, at the scenic Higgs Beach waterfront complex just across from the world famous Casa Marina Hotel.  These courts are operated by Monroe County, and are open at no charge on a first available basis from sun up to sun down, 7 days a week.  The Key West Pickleball Club sponsors organized open play on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday - more about that below,  We welcome all players and interested spectators, whether you are a Key West local, a seasonal resident, or a temporary visitor.


We offer a variety of activities designed to help you enjoy pickleball and the pickleball experience in Key West.  First, we sponsor open play on Tuesday, Thursday, Sarurday, and Sunday from 8:30 AM until 12:00 PM, including balls, loaner paddles, and competitive pairings arranged - for more details, see the Local Guidelines section under the Play Pickleball tab of this website.  Second, any of our more seasoned players will be happy to provide informal instruction or tips for beginners - just ask at one of the open play sessions.  Third, we offer more formal instruction through our partner, Sobek Pickleball Academy, operated by a local 5.0 player, Rosti Sobek, and our Pickleball Ambassador, Colleen Blakely.  Fourth, we sponsor the annual Key West Pickleball Tournament, featuring doubles and singles with pairings by age group - see the Tournaments Info tab for deails.  Fifth, during high season, approximately November through April, we organize a monthly social outing at one of the local restaurants or points of interest.  Please join us in any of these programs, whether you are a new, beginnig, intemediate, or advanced player.

We  are excited about the growth of pickleball in Key West and across the country.  Our goal is to help everyone enjoy playing pickleball and the pickleball experience in Key West.  You will find a congenial and welcoming atmosphere and competitive play at every level.  See you on the courts!






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